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Latest news:-Buni Yani attended a court hearing today


Latest news: Buni Yani attended a court hearing now at the Bandung District court in west java. The board of judges sentenced Buni Yani 1 year and six weeks in jail and a fine of 100 million. The verdict was given as he is proven guilty of violating the action of info and electric transactions and was also discovered accused of editing and altering the video clips of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama's speech in the 1000 island on September twenty seven, 2016 it was about parties using Quranic verses for political gain and this was termed as blasphemy that's the act of defaming or insulting the reverence of God which resulted in a huge uproot against Ahok, a good contender for 2017 Jakarta gubernatorial elections, to this Buni Yani has been proven guilty of committing a crime stated in the write 31 paragraph 1 of the law on ITE.

Is the verdict satisfactory?

The verdict received by Buni Yani isn't satisfactory and seem to be moderate, as reported by a public prosecutor he was sentenced to prison for 2 years for blasphemy that is the act of insulting the reverence of God it was all due to the video which was edited by buni Yani and The verdict received by Buni Yani is moderate as compared to Basuki Tjahaja. The public prosecutor demands imprisonment of 2 years as well as a fine of one million emerged in the berita terkini.

The penalty for violating the article 32 is also mentioned in the write forty eight which reads some person who violates the provision of article thirty one paragraph one, shall be criminally punished by a maximum of 8 years as well as a fine of up to two billion.

In exchange for the prosecutor's desire, Buni Yani replied that he do not ever thought that his Facebook post would be managed as a hate speech and it didn't hold the concept of justice at almost all. Aldein Rahardian, the lawyer of Buni Yani, quoted we will appeal since the facts of the trial had absolutely nothing to match reality.

Latest news claim that in response to this puniyani question the judges led by presiding judge M. Saptono to give him two weeks to prepare for the defence plea so that they can increase the imprisonment of Buni Yani, Buni requested the judges, led by Presiding Judge M. Saptono, to provide him 2 weeks to organize his defence plea.

After the verdict furnished to Buni Yani, he was not detained as he was intending to appeal against the judgement provided by the judge. The judge said, because the defendant appealed, the authorized decision I talked about earlier hasn't been a permanent judge's decision.